Our Team

We are a boutique firm of dynamic and experienced accountants, business and tax advisors based in London. We provide accounting, tax, and trust solutions for international entrepreneurs with business interests in the UK, throughout the European Union and beyond.

Whether you are in London or you are planning to move to the UK, seeking advice on how to structure your affairs as an existing resident of the UK, or thinking of leaving the UK, IFS is on hand to provide the services that you need.

To help deliver a continuous service to you, we work with legal and banking professionals all of whom have similar expertise.  Our services are designed to meet the needs of businesses and the UK subsidiaries of international companies.

Our team will provide the business advice and audit and accountancy services you need to ensure your UK Company is compliant with UK and international rules, regulations and accounting standards.

We also offer more specialist services depending where you are in the business cycle, from forming a new UK entity through to providing the additional services needed to support the business in the UK. If you are looking to raise finance for a new venture, wish to expand by buying a business, sell an existing business or would like to undertake due diligence ahead of a sale or purchase, we are here to help you. 

We offer tax advice in various areas. This includes not only strategic tax planning (UK and international) for your business but also personal tax planning for you and advice about how to become more tax efficient.

The interests and assets of our clients will always be our first priority. We understand our client’s need and the bespoke solutions we put in place will meet all your legal and statutory obligations. Our expertise, professionalism and discretion mean that you can be assured of complete confidentiality at all times.